All Images Copyrite Ana Mouyis 2015
Reel 2016
The Course
You Are Not My Enemy
Pussy! is an exploration into the struggle of ambition and desire versus instinct and cultural expectations. Through the lens of misconceptions and stereotypes that surround animals (ie - all cats hate water) it poses the question; Does biology equal destiny? Pussy! follows one cats journey to try to swim.
Compilation of recent animation work. Music: Flying Lotus "Kill Your Co-workers"
A short film created in collaboration with artist Rachel Soloman O'Meara Released July 2013. Music by Luke Loseth. Premeired at the Brooklyn Fiml Festival where it recived the audience award.
A music video commissioned by Mush Records for Canadian band Holobody. Released May 2012. Created as a collaborative effort under Circle Line Projects
Exerpt from poem by Drew, 26, stationed in Iraq in 2003 a collaboration with the üba foundation’s whynotpeace project.